Shangchai Engine Part

Various products of Shangchai Engine Part, providing product images and basic parameters with each Shangchai Engine Part and Shanghai Diesel; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Shangchai Engine Part, and look forward to your cooperation!

J95S Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647

J95S  Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647+1 For C6121ZG70B Engines  J95S  Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647+1 are used on ShangChai C6121ZG70B Engine . This engine is fitting on Loder and Excavator

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Shangchai Engine Part

  1. Shangchaiengine part are widely used Shangchai C6121 D61114 Diesel Engine Spare parts, Fitting on Bulldozer,Loader ,Marine and Generators Machinery Construction Equipment .  Shangchai diesel engine has R,H,D,E,C,G,W serizes ,construction machinery diesel engine , gas diesel engine ,using for trucks ,bus ,agriculture ,gen set , marine equipment
  2. Shangchai  Engine Model

6135 ,C6121,D6114 G128,12V135 diesel engine and spare parts 

Air compressor 47AB003 for Shangchai C6121 Diesel engines

3. Shangchai diesel engine spare parts including water pump ,lub oil pump ,fuel pump ,fuel injector , cylinder,piston ,piston ring , cylinder  block ,cylinder head ,  crankshaft ,camshaft ,  main bearing ,connecting rod , Connecting rod bearing , fuel soleniods , feed pump , fuel shut off valve , camshaft bushing ,Connecting rod bushing ,  turbocharger , alternator , start motor ,intake valve,exhaust valve ,intake valve insert ,exhaust valve insert,alternator belts,fan belts , timing v-belts ,air compressor,flywheel ,flywheel housing ,lub oil cooler,fan

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