Shangchai C6121 Diesel Engine Oil Pump C15AB-4W2448

Shangchai C6121 Diesel Engine Spare Parts Lubricating Oil Pump Assembly C15AB-4W2448 

Cat 3306B Engine Gear Oil Pump 6N2642 For Caterpillar Excavator

Lubricating Oil Pump Assembly C15AB-4W2448  are used on ShangChai C6121 Engine and CAT Caterpillar 3306B Diesle Engines. This engine is fitting on Shantui SD16 SD16L Bulldozer exported model. Shandong lingong loaders also fitting on this shanghai 6121 engines. In a lubricating system, a device that forces oil from the sump to the moving parts of an engine. Used to make the oil pressure and guarantee a certain amount of oil, to the friction surface forced feed components. Widely used in internal combustion engine oil pump gear type and rotor type. The gear oil pump has simple structure, convenient processing, reliable operation, long service life, high pressure oil pump, is widely used. The rotor pump rotor complex shape, multi-purpose powder metallurgy. This kind of pump has the advantages of gear pump also but compact structure, small volume, more and more application in internal combustion engine.

Another Engine Oil Pump Parts Number List

Engine brand and model Engine parts number Replacement
Cummins 4B 4929585 4B
Cummins 4B 4929586 4B
Cummins 6B 4939587 6B
Cummins 6B 4939588 6B
Cummins 6BT 3926203 6BT/A3906414/4935792/3937404
Cummins 6CT 3415365 6CT/3930338/3802278/3800828
Cummins 6CT 3966840 6C/3910066/3948072
Cummins ISL 4941464 ISL/3991123
Cummins M11 4003950 M11
Cummins NTA855 3609833 NT855/3042378
Cummins K19 3047549 K19
Cummins QSX15 3687528 4955955
Cummins K38 3634640 K38
Caterpillar 3306B 4W2448 6I1346
Caterpillar 3304 6I1343  
Caterpillar 3406/3408 4N8734 4N0733
Cat C9 331-8905 211-0546
Cat C7 189-8777  
CAT 38542  
CAT 86443  
Shangchai  D15-000-31 D6114ZQB
Shangchai D15-000-41 D9
Shangchai 765-15-000 6135G
Shangchai 771JZ-15-000 12V135JZ
Shangchai A772AZL-15-000 12V135
Shangchai G15-000-01 G6135
Shangchai S00005249 G128
Shangchai S00009486 12V138
Shangchai  4w2448 C6121

Lubricating Oil Pump Assembly C15AB-4W2448  Specifications 

Condition: New
Fuel: Diesel
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Cold Style: Water-cooled
Start: Electric Start
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SDEC Shangchai 
Weight: 8 kg

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