Comap Controller

Various products of Comap Controller, providing product images and basic parameters with each Comap Controller and Comap Generator Controller; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Comap Controller, and look forward to your cooperation!

Wholesale Original Comap Controller Intelite AMF20

Wholesale Original Comap Controller Intelite AMF20 In Stock  Controller Intelite AMF20 is Widely used for Gen-set, Generartor, Marine and Oil field Equipment Diesle Engines . Genuine Controller Intelite AMF20 place of Origin

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Comap Controller

Comap Controller is made in Czech Republic, Comap has a widely range of

Products which are suitable for many diffirent applications, you can find more infomations about each our productions of configuration software , detasheets and brochures , we can supplied Genuine OEM comap controller , Replacement of Comap controller ,  please send your inquiry with parts number and detailed pictues of  Controllers .  

  1. Comap Controller applications

Use for Single gen-set controller , Paralleling generator controllers , Engine controllers , ATS  Cotrollers .

  1. Comap Controller Model

Intelilite  AMF 25, InteliLite  AMF 20, InteliLite MRS 16 , InteliLite  MRS 11, InteliLite NT MRS 3,  InteliLite NT MRS 4,  InteliLite NT MRS 8,  InteliLite NT MRS 9 ,  InteliLite NT MRS 10 , InteliCompact NT MINT ,

  1. Comap controller For Engines

The ComAp family of engine controllers offers innovative and universal system integration for a wide range of engine driven platforms and applications. With a proven track record of working in the most demanding environments, InteliDrive controllers deliver unparalleled command, control and communication advantages. The full range provides individually tailored solutions meeting the precise needs of marine auxiliary, emergency and propulsion engines as well as land based platforms such as engine driven pumps, compressors, crushers and screeners.

Genuine InteliLite AMF20  Comap Controller

Other Generator Parts we can provide: 

Generator parts: DSE controller, ComAp controller, Woodward controller, Cummins Speed controller, GAC Speed controller, Generator AVR, Engine Actuators, Engine Sensors, Engine Meters.

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