Wholesale Original Comap Controller Intelite AMF20

Wholesale Original Comap Controller Intelite AMF20 In Stock 

Controller Intelite AMF20 is Widely used for Gen-set, Generartor, Marine and Oil field Equipment Diesle Engines . Genuine Controller Intelite AMF20 place of Origin is Czech Republic. Controller Intelite AMF20 Digital intelligent and networked technologies are integrated for the automation system and monitoring and monitoring system of a single diesel generator set, Automatic startup and shutdown of generator set, data measurement, alarm protection and three remote functions are realized, The controller USES a large screen, Chinese and English optional, Has reliable operation. AMF20 controller including fuctions of MRS11 with AMF And ATC fuction.  We can provid Original  Controller Intelite AMF20 From Comap dealer , Also can in base of requirment of our Clients, Supplied Replaced Comap Controller with Higher cost and Performance Products . 

Comap Controller Intelite AMF20 Parameters 

1. Can be connected to the jet pump with J1939

2. Start the stop automatically or manually 

3. Simple key operation with led LCD display

4. Parameters can be changed using the module panel key or the computer

5. Three-phase protection for generator set 

6. Input outlets are configurable

In Stock Controller AMF20 for Diesel Generator

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