Woodward Controller

Various products of Woodward Controller, providing product images and basic parameters with each Woodward Controllers and Woodward Speed Controller; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Woodward Controller, and look forward to your cooperation!

Gen-set Spare Parts Woodward Controller 9907-838

Gen-set Spare Parts Woodward Controller 9907-838 Woodward Controller 9907-838 is fitting on Gen-set Diesel Control System . Woodward has more than 130 years of experience in engine controller design

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Woodward Controller

Woodward  Controller is made in United State , Woodward is the world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of energy control solutions for aircraft and industrial engines, turbines and power equipment. Controlling all engine parameters related to operating conditions is essential to reduce diesel engine emissions and improve its efficiency .

  1.  Woodward Engine Electric Controller Unit

As the world’s largest independent manufacturer of prime motion controllers, Woodward is leading the market and technology.

Woodward has served the diesel and gas engine markets for many years and will continue to meet your needs in the following areas

More efficient engine management,  Exhaust emission control, Digital Controller system , Air and Fuel Valves, Diesel Engine ECU.

  1. Woodward Controller Applicatons

 Woodward serves oems, integrators and end users in the following areas: Power generation, Gas compression , Alternative fuel vehicles , The locomotive, Marine propulsion apparatus and auxiliary power supply, Mobile and industrial equipment .

Genuine Woodward Controller Module 9907-838

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Generator parts: DSE controller, ComAp controller, Woodward controller, Cummins Speed controller, GAC Speed controller, Generator AVR, Engine Actuators, Engine Sensors, Engine Meters. 

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