Cummins Speed Controller

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Cummins Speed Controller

Cummins Speed Controller Is a full electronic closed loop control of speed controller design, it for the moment’s load changes with quick and accurate response to control the speed of the engine, when connected to the matched EFC series electric actuator and magnetic speed sensor signal, can perfect control CUMMINS engine .In the design, installation is simple and it can be preset adjustment, including adjustable rate and idle work, to help is used for more than one machine or special purpose machine input, and prevent the inverse battery voltage, the instantaneous pulse voltage, the actuator fault and in the case of losing speed sensor signals or power supply safety protection, etc We can supplide supplied the speed contorller from manufactures .


Cummins Engine parts number EFC 3044196 , 3044195 ,  3062322 , 3098693 , 3037359, 3062323, 3032733, 4913988, 3036453, 3036256

S6700E , S6700H dongfeng cummins governor , speed controller S6700E speed board , Slow start speed regulating board 4914090 , 4914091, Cummins speed control board 3098693

Cummins Speed Controller Cummins Engine parts Nubmer 4914091 For Generators

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