Shangchai Diesel Engine

Various products of Shangchai Diesel Engine, providing product images and basic parameters with each Shangchai Diesel Engine and Shantui Bullozer; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Shangchai Diesel Engine, and look forward to your cooperation!

Shangchai C6121 Engine For Loaders

Shangchai C6121 Engine For Loaders  Shangchai Diesel Engine company has more than 50 years of experience in diesel engine manufacturing, and its technical development capability ranks

Shangchai Diesel Engine SC11CB184G2B1

Shangchai  Diesel  Engine  SC11CB184G2B1 Shangchai  Diesel  Engine  SC11CB184G2B1 is fitting on SDLG Loader, Shantui SD16 bulldozer engines . This engine is allowed to product fom Caterpillar company  , so

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Shangchai Diesel Engine  

Weichai Diesel engine Application Widly Use for Heavy Truck Car, Ship Machine, Construction Mchinery and GenSet Engines ,  Fuel Systerm is use Bosch Brand advanced Pump and Injectors Use Janpanese DENSO Fuel Electrical Control system , Electrical Control Unit, ECU.

Shangchai Diesele Engine Specifications Datafor Shantui SD16 Bulldozer

POWER : 130-560 KW

RATED SPEED : 2200 r/min



C6121ZG50 SC11CB220G2B1 Shangchai CAT diesel engings , Shantui SD16 Bullodozer Engines, XCMG,Liugong, XCMC Loader Diesel Engines

We can supplied New Weichai diesel egines , also can provide Reproducting weichai diesel engine and OEM engine spare parts,If you need any support, Our professional engineer will provide solve plan with your engine and equipment .

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