Liugong Bulldozer Part

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Liugong  Bullzoer Part

Liugong Bulldozer Part Including Liugong bulldozer Undercarriage part , Engine part and Electrical part .

  1. Liugong Buldlozer TD40-E Product Technical Parameter

Cab comfort, sealing, sound insulation, equipped with: air loop system, air conditioning/warm wind again, luxurious and comfortable suspension seat can be adjusted to the right to 14 degrees, in line with the ergonomics design of joystick, make the shovel manipulation

Slightly tilted and tapered hood gives the operator a wider view of the shoveling tool pusher

Unique suspension design, high reliability, easy to drive smoothly

The front scraper hoist cylinder provides more lift force for the shovel

The large-capacity shovel is equipped with full-width wear protection plate and double system of left and right tilt/back tilt, which is suitable for all types of pushing work

The 384KW (515hp) cummins QSK19 engine meets European EUStage 3A and us EPA Tier3 emission standards

Multi – component modular cooling system, with hydraulic driven fan, different speed, improve cooling capacity

Double open shutter type radiator grille

The walking speed preset system and automatic gear reduction function improve the working efficiency

The modular drive system facilitates the diagnosis and detection of ports, filters and observers, and improves the maintainability

The unique dual speed steering system provides superior traction, steering ability, 6 different speed forward and backward gear

Advanced electro-hydraulic control system

The enlarged track center distance improves slope stability and heat dissipation performance

The front and rear lights provide adequate lighting for night operations

It can be used in polar and hot climate, metallurgy and coal shoveling to improve the versatility of bulldozers

Two gear drive steering system provides good transmission steering performance

Large capacity shovel, more load

  1. Liugong bulldozer Model

TD40-E, B160C, B160CL, B161CL, B230,B230R, B320 Bulldozer

  1. Liugong bulldozer undercarriage spare parts TD40-E bulldozer

Track system is Maintain correct Track Shoe Aseebly   tension, Absorb the vibration of the guide wheel as the bulldozer moves. Crawler Ider assembly and work with the crawler tensioning mechanism to provide the crawler assembly with the appropriate tightness. The Track Roller (Single or Double Flange) supports the weight of the bulldozer on one hand and prevents the track from derailment during walking on the other.

  1. Liugong   bulldozer Use Engines Type

  TD40-E   Cummins QSK19 Engine 384KW 515HP

  B160C    Weifang Diesel Engine WD10G178E25 120KW

  B230R     Chongqing Cummins NT855-C280S10 Engine 169KW   

       B320       Chongqing  Cummins  NTA855-C360S10  Engine 235KW

  1. Other Liugong Equipment

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