Cummins Generator Engine Speed Controller 4914090

Cummins Generator Engine Speed Controller 4914090 

Speed Controller 4914090 is used for Cummins Generator engines . The cummins diesel engine model is NTA855 KTA19 M11 KTA38 Series .  Governor well solved N14, K19 engine in cold area (below 15 ℃) to start the difficult problems; And can be used in some areas with higher environmental protection requirements (less smoke emission). The 3044196 produced by us is installed in Beijing cummins engine plant alone, with nearly 1,000 pieces, stable and reliable quality.The quantity of actuator production and sales is nearly ten thousand. Now the products have been exported to southeast Asia, America, Africa, west Asia and other places. It should be said that the quality, appearance and price have been appreciated and recognized by customers. Our company product quality is reliable, the price is preferential, welcome to inquire the discussion.

Speed Controller 4914090 Specifications 

Supply: 12 or 24V DC Battery Systems 

Actuator Current Range: Min. 2.5 Amps, Max. 10 Amps continuous  
Speed Sensor Signal: 0.5~120 V RMS 
Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -40°C ~ 85°C 
Relative Humidity: up to 95%  
Speed Range: 1K-7.5K Hz continuous 
Speed Trim Range: ± 200Hz 
Gross Weight: 0.85KG 
PACKAGE SIZE: 155mm*155mm*55mm  

Engine Speed Control Unit Controller ESD5500E

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