Shangchai D6114 Engine Parts Fuel Filter D638-002-02

Shangchai D6114 Engine Parts Fuel Filter D638-002-02+B, 

Shanghai C6121 Enigne Parts C85AB-1W8633+A

CX0814C for Shanghai C6121 Diesel Engine for wheel loader XG955II

Fuel Filter D638-002-02+B is fitting on Shangchai D6114 engines, This engine also used for XG955, SDLG LG956L Loaders and Shantui SD13 Bulldozer exported models. Diesel filter elements are used in oil-lubricated screw compressors, piston compressors, generator sets, various domestic and imported heavy-duty vehicles, loaders and construction machinery equipment.The oil filter assembly of rotary machine is equipped with high strength aluminum alloy filter head, which is used for lubricating oil circulation system of screw compressor and engineering hydraulic system as filter device.And equipped with differential pressure signal, when the filter needs to be replaced, differential pressure signal can be sent out in time. High quality diesel filters can effectively block the dust and moisture entrainment in diesel oil and extend the service life of fuel injection pumps, diesel nozzles and other filter elements. There are two main types of diesel filter elements, rotary type and replaceable type.

Fuel Filter D638-002-02 Specifications 

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Shangchai C6121, D6114, Caterpillar 3306B
Model Number:CX0814C
Application: Shanghai Diesel Shangchai Engine
Part number: D638-002-02, 1W0633
Loader Model: LG918 LG933L LG936L LG938L LG956L L956F LG958L LG968 L968F
Part name: Engine fuel filter
Quality: Original or OEM 

Condition:100% New
Weight: 0.8KG
Size: Standard

1W8633, D638-000-02, CX0814C for Shanghai C6121 Diesel Engine for wheel loader XG955II 

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