J95S Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647

J95S  Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647+1 For C6121ZG70B Engines 

J95S  Model Shangchai Engine Turbocharger S00000647+1 are used on ShangChai C6121ZG70B Engine . This engine is fitting on Loder and Excavator Engine Parts.  A turbocharger is actually an air compressor that compresses air to increase air intake.It USES the inertial impulse force of exhaust gas from the engine to push the turbine in the turbine chamber, which in turn drives the coaxial impeller, which presses the air sent by the air filter pipe and pressurizes it into the cylinder.When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and turbine speed also increase synchronously. The impeller compresses more air into the cylinder. With the increase of air pressure and density, more fuel can be burned.

Another  Shangchai Engine Turbocharger Parts Number List


Turbocharger Model  Turcharger Parts Number  Engine Model Horse Power Shangchai Parts Number
J85S 00JG090S043 C6121ZLG82B  / S00000417+02
J95S 00JG095S003 SC11CB D6121Z 162/2200 C38AB-38AB630
J95S 00JG095S004 6121 162/2200 C38AB-38AB650
J95S 00JG095S007 C6121ZG50B 162/2200 C38AB-38AB630
J96S 00JG095S008 6135 140/220 J96-000
J95S 00JG095S009 C6121ZG70B / S00000647+01
J95S 00JG095S010 C6121ZG50B 162/2200 C38AB-38AB631
J96 00JG095S017 6135AZLD 140/2200 S00015374
JP60S 00JP060S061 D4114ZG3B 95/2050 D638-000-70+B
JP60S 00JP060S065 D4114ZG1B 90/1800 D638-000-71
JP60S 00JP060S067 D4114ZG3B 95/2050 D638-000-72+B
JP60S 00JP060S068 D4114ZG1B 105/2100 D638-000-73+B
JP60S 00JP060S0104 5D112/5D108 90/1800 D638-000-75
JP60S 00JP060S110 SC5D145D 90/1800 D638-000-76
JP60S 00JP060S150 SC4H180Q4 132/2500  
JP60S 00JP060S191 4H 132/2500 S0007497+03
JP60S 00JP060S198 4H 132/2500  
JP60S 00JP060S262 4H 92/1800 S00013266+01
JP60S 00JP060S263 4H 73.5/2200 S00013294+01

Shangchai C6121ZG70B Turbocharger S00000647+1 in stock

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