Wholesale Cummins Engine Parts Fuel Injector 4914537

Wholesale Cummins Engine  Parts Fuel Injector 4914537 

Fuel Injector 4914537 is fitting on NTA855 Diesel Engines . This engine is used for Shantui SD32 Bulldozer.CCEC mechanical fuel supply engines of N, K and M11 all use PT fuel system, and their injectors are open structure.The M11 e-jet engine USES an electronic fuel system and its injector is a closed structure.The injector will be in the open position when the open injector plunger leaves the oil cup. The closed injector has a special valve to make the injector in the closed position before the fuel pressure reaches a certain value.According to the working principle of the open-type injector, when the oil cup is filled with fuel (high speed, high load), the plunger goes down from the top stop, and the compressed fuel at a high speed sprays out the oil hole at a high pressure.When there is a small amount of fuel in the oil cup (idle speed, low load), the plunger goes down to the end of the fuel injection before the oil injection. The plunger running speed is small, and the pressure of the compressed fuel jet out of the oil cup is also small. At this point, the fuel spray is poor and the combustion is not sufficient.According to the principle of the closed injector, only when the fuel pressure in the injector reaches a certain value can the injector plunger be jacked to produce the injection. Therefore, under different rotating speeds and loads, the electric injection engine can obtain a better combustion effect, while the combustion situation of the mechanical injection system is relatively poor at idle speed or low load.

Engine PT fuel system requirements

N, K and M11 mechanical oil supply engines should avoid long running at idle speed or under low load, If or not ,Engine Assembly will have these situation as following : 

1) carbon deposition is generated on the top of the piston and sludge is produced in the lubrication system. 

2) incomplete fuel combustion, resulting in oil dilution lubricant, oil pressure drop and even leakage of exhaust manifold. 

To the extent possible avoid or reduce engine idling or empty load operation.If engine idling or no-load test is necessary, the operating time should be limited to 5 minutes.

Cummins Engine Dealer Parts  Injector 4914537  Shantui SD32 Bulldozer


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