KPM Distributing Valve for SK250-8 Kobelco Excavator

KPM KMX15YD Distributing Valve for SK250-8  Kobelco Excavator ,Original made in Japan KAWASAKI  

Hydrauclic main valve for SK250LC-8 Excavator 

KMX15YD Distributing Valve is fitting on Kobelco SK250-8 SK250LC-8 excavator .  Excavator distribution valve is mainly composed of the following valve block: electromagnetic directional valve, overflow valve, one-way valve, throttle valve.The function of each valve block in the distribution valve of the excavator: reversing valve: it controls the inlet and outlet oil of the oil cylinder of the big arm and the small arm, the rotary motor moves the motor to and from the oil, and the pushing soil produces the oil cylinder to and from the oil.Overflow valve: there are main overflow valve and root overflow valve, the main overflow valve controls the pressure of the system, the root overflow valve is related to the control mode of the system, positive and negative control.One-way valve: controls the flow of hydraulic oil in one direction. We can supplied New Genuine Komatsu excavator valve ,and Reproducting Renew excavator main valve , distribution valve,welcome your requirement in your free time . 

KPM KMX15YD Distributing Valve Speicifications 

Place of Origin: Japan
Model Number:  SK250-8 SK350-8 SK210LC 
part name: KPM Distributing Valve
Condition:  genuine
Warranty: 6 months
Package: genuine package

In the process of valve manufacturing, in order to improve the assembly accuracy, the selection method is adopted, that is, a batch of processed parts, such as valve body and valve core, according to the actual size to choose the most appropriate pair with clearance for assembly, in order to ensure good sliding and sealing performance of valve core.That is to say, the same type of hydraulic valve, the size of the valve core and valve body with a certain difference for the use of enterprises, when the number of a certain failure of the hydraulic valve is large, can be all the valve disassembly cleaning, inspection and measurement of the parts, according to the test results will be classified parts according to the following methods re combination selection.If the spool and valve body are of uniform wear and there is no serious scratch or partial severe wear on the working surface, then re-assemble the spool and valve body with appropriate clearance according to the relevant manual.If the valve core and valve body wear surface is slashed and uneven or work through the above methods can’t restore hydraulic valve function, satisfy the requirement of machining allowance is to choose a pair of the over surplus quantity of the valve core, valve body, the body and outer diameter of the hole size small size of the valve core), to ream body orifice or grinding, grinding of valve core, after reaching reasonable shape precision matching precision assembly.Common hydraulic valve hole shape accuracy and fit clearance.

Kobelco Original Excavator Parts Hydraulic Control Valve, Main Hydraulic Distributor for SK350-8

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