The Common Failure of Excavator Hydraulic Pump

The Common Failure of Excavator Hydraulic Pump

1. Engine speed drops.

First of all, the output power of the engine itself must be tested. If the output power of the engine is lower than the rated power, the cause of the failure may be poor fuel quality, low fuel pressure, wrong valve clearance, a cylinder of the engine does not work, wrong injection timing, wrong setting of the fuel amount, air leakage in the intake system, the brake and its control lever are faulty and the carbon accumulation of the turbocharger. If the pump control system fails, the load optimization and matching state of the engine, pump and valve in different working conditions can not be realized, and the excavator will not work normally. This kind of fault should start from the electrical system, and then check the hydraulic system. Finally check the mechanical transmission system.

2. The work speed slows down.

The main reason for the slow working speed of excavator is the engine power decline and hydraulic system leakage caused by the wear of all parts of the whole machine. The hydraulic pump of the excavator is the plunger variable pump. After working for a certain time, the internal hydraulic components of the pump (cylinder block, plunger, valve plate, nine-hole plate, turtle back, etc.) will inevitably produce excessive wear, which will cause internal leakage, and the parameters are not coordinated, resulting in insufficient flow, high oil temperature and slow working speed. At this time, it is necessary to overhaul the whole machine, repair and replace the parts that exceed the limit of wear.

3. Excavators are weak.

Weak excavation is one of the typical faults of excavator. There are two situations for the weakness of excavation: one is the weakness of excavation, the engine does not hold the car, and the load is very light; The second is to dig weak, when the boom or bucket rod reaches the end, the engine seriously hold the car, or even stall。

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