The cause of abnormal noise produced by hydraulic pump of excavator

The cause of abnormal noise produced by hydraulic pump of excavator

1, hydraulic oil is not enough to cause hydraulic pump suction

2, into the oil pipeline into the air

3, the plugging of the oil filter element causes the hydraulic pump to absorb water

4, hydraulic pump internal wear, bearing damage, resulting in abnormal noise hydraulic pump work

 Hydraulic pump abnormal sound, to check in time

1. Stop the pump for abnormal sound during work to check whether the oil return filter element has iron and copper chips

2, it is necessary to dismantle the hydraulic pump, check the specific damage parts of the pump bile plunger distribution plate, swash plate swash plate seat, analyze other reasons for insufficient hydraulic oil, whether there is a way to air

3, cold car abnormal sound, hot car normal, generally because the hydraulic oil is too dirty to return to the oil filter is blocked, need to replace the filter and hydraulic oil in time in the test machine observation 4, work oil leakage caused by low hydraulic oil abnormal sound, should be stopped in time to check, add hydraulic oil

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