XCMG ZL30 ZL50 Loader Parts Steering Pump 803004540

XCMG ZL30 ZL50 Loader Parts Steering Pump 803004540

Steering Pump 803004540 is used for  ZL30 ZL50 XCMG  Loader Parts .  Xugong group attaches great importance to technological innovation and has established a research and development system with national technology center and jiangsu xuzhou institute of engineering machinery as the core. Xugong technology center consistently ranks first in the industry in the evaluation of national enterprise technology center.Institute, xugong nanjing institute and relying on the xugong construction of xugong, xugong European research institute, Shanghai xugong created a group on behalf of the Chinese and the world’s advanced level of products: two tonne crane on the ground, all four tonne crawler crane, China’s biggest large loader, 12 ton level hundreds of meters of Asia’s highest altitude fire engines, the fourth generation of intelligent pavement construction equipment, has a subversive type influence in the global construction machinery industry, global monopoly, breaking the foreign enterprises.Xugong has 920 valid authorized patents, of which 27 are authorized invention patents and more than 100 products are the first set of domestic products. 

Steering Pump 803004540 Specifications 

Place of Origin: Xuzhou, China (Mainland)

Part number: 803004540
Part name: steering pump
Application: XCMG Wheel Loaders 
Type: CBGJ2080
Material: Steel
Color: Yellow
Warranty: 6 Months
Model: LW500K

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