XCMG Loader Parts Working Hydraulic Pump 860116129

XCMG Loader Parts Working Hydraulic Pump 860116129 

Working Hydraulic Pump 860116129 is fitting on XCMG Loder Consturction Mahinery Equipment . Xuzhou construction machinery group co., LTD., established in March 1989, 25 years keep vanguard position, China construction machinery industry is currently the world’s fifth engineering machinery industry, 150 China top 500 enterprises, China top 500 manufacturing at 55, is China’s largest construction machinery industry, a series of varieties of products and the most complete, the most competitive and the influence of the large enterprise groups. We are deal with Diesel Engines, Engine Spare Parts , OEM and replacement Engine spare parts , Shantui bulldozer Parts , DSE contoller  and Excavator Final drive ,Hydraulic pump ,travel motors . Have any questons,Please contact with our saling  engineer .   

Working Hydraulic Pump 860116129 Specifications 

Parts Number With XCMG : 860116129 

Parts Name : Working Hydraulic Pump 

Pump Model : CBJ2100 ZC0070032 

Applications : Consturction Machinery Equipment of  SDLG, XCMG, XGMA, Liugong Lonking Loder Parts 

Unit weight : 20 KG 

Sense Of Rotation: Right 

Displacement : 21L 

Transmission Type : Gear Pump

Working pumps 860116129 ZC0070032 CBGJ2100

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