PC200-6 708-25-01084 Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Pump

PC200-3 708-25-01084  Komatsu Excavator Main Pump PC200-6 Hydraulic Pump 

PC220-3 708-25-10101 Komatsu Excavator Main Pump PC220-6  Hydraulic Pump Assembly 

PC200-3 708-25-01084  Komatsu Excavator Main Pump  of PC200-3 Komatus excavators is made of Janpan or Korea. The  operating principle of Excavator Main pump : The input shaft of the hydraulic pump is connected to a cylinder, called cylinder block, in which there are nine plunges.The cylinder also contains a crescent disc, called a fluidic disc, which has two sets of holes, called a suction and an outlet.Thus, the plunger cylinder body draws hydraulic oil through the suction port and drains the hydraulic oil through the outlet. A part with a disk supported by a plunger is called an inclined disk. The Angle of the inclined disk can be increased or decreased to change the capacity of the cylinder, thus changing the amount of hydraulic oil discharged. The greater the Angle of the inclined disk, the more hydraulic oil discharge. As the input shaft ( rotates ), the cylinder block  also rotates. The plunger starts to move back and forth when the disk is tilted.At this point the plunger and cylinder block begin to carry out each turn of oil absorption and drainage.All the plunges continue to do this. Such a hydraulic pump is called the tilt-disc axial variable plunger pump.

Kawasaki Hydraulic Main Pump List 

Pump Series Cotrol Model Pump for Exvavator Moldel
K3V63DT 9N Liugong 13T 15T Excavator 
Volvo EC140B
Doosan S130LC-V 150 Track
K3V112DT 9N DH225LC-7,S225LC-V, 
R210LC-7, R210LC-7T, R225-7,RMX225, EC210,  SE210LC-3,  EC210B,  MX255,  EC240, EC240B
Liugong 20T Excavator  920/922 210LV-7G,  R2200LC-7,R2200LC-7C,
K3V112DTP 9N Sanward Liugong 20T Excavator (Not have PTO),
9T Sany Kobelco 200  210 Excavators 
K3V140DT 9N Volvo EC290 Excavator
9N Volvo EC450 EC460 Excavator
K5V80DT 9C Hyundai 160 Excavator
K5V80DTP 9N  
9C Hyundai 450 485 Excavator

Korea Kawasaki Pump Parts List

Model Parts Name
ZX10LGRZ1-07A-V 10CC Pilot Pump
ZX15LGRZ2-07A-V 15CC Pilot Pump
ZX10LGRZ1-07A-V 10CC Pilot Pump
K3V63 Nine hole positioning disc
K5V80 Nine hole positioning disc
K3V112 Nine hole positioning disc
K3V140/180 Nine hole positioning disc
K5V200 Nine hole positioning disc
K3V63/K5V80 Swash plate gasket
K3V112 Swash plate gasket
K3V140/180 Swash plate gasket
K3V63/K5V80 Spherical hinge 
K3V112 Spherical hinge 
K3V140 Spherical hinge 
K3V180 Spherical hinge 
K3V63 Cylinder+Valve Plate
K3V112 Cylinder+Valve Plate
K5V140 Cylinder+Valve Plate
K3V140 Cylinder+Valve Plate
K3V180/K5V200 Cylinder+Valve Plate
K3V63/K5V80 Plunger
K3V112 Plunger
K5V140 Plunger
K3V140 Plunger
K3V180 Plunger
K5V200 Plunger
K3V63/K5V80 Swash plate+ Swash plate seat 
K3V112 Swash plate+ Swash plate seat 
K5V140 Swash plate+ Swash plate seat 
K3V140 Swash plate+ Swash plate seat 
K3V112DT 9N Regulating Valve
K3V112DT 9C Regulating Valve
K3V112DT HN Regulating Valve
K3V140DT 9C Regulating Valve
K3V140DT HN Regulating Valve
K5V80S 0E Regulating Valve
K5V140S 0E Regulating Valve
K5V200S 0E Regulating Valve
K3V112S 0E Regulating Valve
K5V80DT 0E Regulating Valve
K3V112DT 5E Regulating Valve
K5V140DT 5E Regulating Valve
K3V112DT 1E Regulating Valve
K5V140DT 1E Regulating Valve
K3V112DT 9T Regulating Valve
K3V112DT YT Regulating Valve
K5V140DT 9T Regulating Valve
K5V140DT YT Regulating Valve
V0009277998KD Proportioning Valve
V9406235760KD Proportioning Valve

Proportioning Valve

PC56-7 Komatsu Excavator Hydraulic Pumps

PC200-8,PC300-7,PC360-7,PC400-7,PC450-7 Hydraulic Pump

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