NTA855-C280S10 Cummins Engine Parts Oil Cooler Core 3412285

NTA855-C280S10 Cummins Engine Parts Oil Cooler Core 3412285

Original Aftermarket diesel engine parts NTA855 N14 L10 oil cooler core 218754 3412285 208149 3021581

Cummins Engine Oil Cooler assembly 3006098 3003814 326065

Oil Cooler Core 3412285 is fitting on Shantui SD22 TY220 bulldozers.  The ccec Cummins engine model is NTA855-C280S10 Series.  The oil cooler is a device that accelerates the heat dissipation of lubricating oil to keep it at a lower temperature.The oil cooler must be installed on the high – performance and high – power engine.The oil cooler is arranged in the lubricating oil path, and its working principle is the same as the radiator. Oil cooler core materials are required to have strong corrosion resistance and heat resistance, there are generally two kinds, one kind is copper, one kind is stainless steel, copper, of course, is the preferred strong heat resistance and corrosion resistance, stainless steel is the second, good heat dissipation of stainless steel is not copper materials but corrosion resistance than copper material. Diesel engine oil cooler and oil cooler core of another engine cooling system spare parts we also can supplied. 

Oil Cooler Core 3412285 Specifications 

Place of Origin: Chongqing China
Brand Name: CCEC Cummins
Engine Type: Diesel
Type: Cooler core
Title: Cummins NT855 K19 Engine Cooler Core 3412285
Part Name: Cummins cooler core
Part Number: 3412285
Part Number Replacement: 3045483
Application: Cummins diesel engines
Engine Model:NT(A)855, K19, QSK19, K50, QSK50
Quality: Original Genuine
Warranty: 6 months

Engine Oil Cooler assembly And Oil cooler Core Parts List 

Engine Brand  Cummins PN Description Size
CUMMINS 3966365 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 18H15
Cummins 4095096 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 18H16/K19
Cummins 3957543 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2H5A
Cummins 3957544 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2H7A
Cummins 3960067 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2H5B
Cummins 3959031 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2H7B
Cummins 3975818 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2H8B
Cummins 3934550 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 12.2C-00-00
Cummins 3974815/3918175 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) US18H12C/6CT
Cummins 3641960 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 25.4H27/K38
Cummins 3635074 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 25.4H19/K38
Cummins 4916621 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 25.4H22/K38
cummins 4068308 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 37.5Z12
cummins 3918176 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 127H7 /6BT5.9
cummins 3023079 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 180H10 /K19
cummins 3804935/3023078 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 180H11/K19
cummins 110848 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) NH225 Shore Core
cummins 5257510 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 118×60H14
cummins 3412285 Oil Cooler Core BCIII NT855     
cummins 218754 Oil Cooler Core   127*530/NT855
cummins 6220-61-3300 Oil Cooler assembly  NH220
cummins 3413091 Oil Cooler assembly  GK50×285
cummins 3600880 Oil Cooler assembly  GK51×214A/L10
cummins 3161781 Oil Cooler assembly  GK50×214/M11
cummins 4975879 Oil Cooler assembly  GK50×214/M11
cummins 3882324 Oil Cooler assembly  GK51×214B/L10
cummins 3926670 Oil Cooler assembly  GK51×196
cummins 3931534 Oil Cooler assembly  GK51×196
cummins 3252690 Oil Cooler assembly  GK51×214
cummins 3820348 Oil Cooler assembly  92×416
cummins 3820342 Oil Cooler assembly  92×416
cummins 3021581 Oil Cooler assembly  156×321/NT855 
cummins 142608 Oil Cooler assembly  156×405NT855
cummins 3010612 Oil Cooler assembly  250×556/V28
cummins 3935812 Oil Cooler assembly  50×300
cummins 3641078 Aftercooler 761.2×9×173.2/QSKV60
cummins 3641079 Aftercooler 512.2×9×173.2/QSKV45
cummins 3638821 Aftercooler 932×19×105/QSKV60B
cummins 3032030 Aftercooler 570×19×105/K50/K38
cummins 4910355 Aftercooler 728.5×7×157/(K19)
cummins 4910356 Aftercooler 906.3×8×166/(QSK19)
cummins 4100636 Aftercooler 761.2×9×173.2/(QSKV60A)
cummins 4001325 Aftercooler 512.2×9×173.2/(QSKV45A)
cummins 3638360 Aftercooler 501.7×9×173.2/(C6KTA)K50
cummins 3638361 Aftercooler 381×9×173.2/(C4KTA)K38
cummins 4927220 Aftercooler 906.3×8×166
cummins 3026923-00 Aftercooler 780×7×130
cummins 3093717 Aftercooler 880×6×173.2
cummins 3093793 Aftercooler 810×6×130
cummins 5262610 Aftercooler 237×4×108
cummins 5262611 Aftercooler 386.1×4×108
cummins 5262612 Aftercooler 237×4×108
cummins 5262613 Aftercooler 386.1×4×108
cummins 3028997 Aftercooler NT855 New /V28
cummins 214816 Aftercooler NT855
cummins 3041078    
DT466 1810171C2   Oil Cooler assembly   
DT360 1810216C2 Oil Cooler assembly   
cummins 4101032    
Cummins 3635074 Oil Cooler assembly  25.4H19/K38
Cummins 4061161 Oil Cooler assembly  48Z23SX
Cummins 3053393 Oil Cooler assembly  48*312/NT855 assembly 
Cummins 3626715 Aftercooler 550.6×7×146/KV38
Cummins 4965482 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel) 34.2Z13
Cummins 3919806-05 Aftercooler 386.1×4×108/(DQ6BTA)
Cummins 3924732/1 Aftercooler 6CT
Cummins C4938507 Aftercooler 237×4×108/
Cummins A3910282 Aftercooler 6BTA
Cummins Z3900139 Aftercooler 4BTA

CCEC Diesel Engine part NT855 Cooler Core 218754

Genuine CCEC NTA855 Cummins Oil Cooler Core assy 208149 for diesel engine

Cummins ISF, 4BT, 6BT, 6CT, ISB, ISD, ISE, ISZ,QSB, QSL, QSZ,  QSM11, ISM11, M11, NT855, K(TA)19, QSK19, K(TA)38, QSK38, KTA50,etc. engines and parts, with the power varying from 185hp to 2200hp. The oil cooler is placed in the cooling water channel, and the temperature of the cooling water is used to control the temperature of the lubricating oil.When the temperature of lubricating oil is high, cooling water is used to cool the oil. When the engine is started, heat is absorbed from the cooling water to rapidly increase the temperature of lubricating oil.The oil cooler is composed of aluminum alloy shell, front cover, back cover and copper tube.In order to enhance the cooling, the tube is equipped with heat sink.Cooling water flows outside the pipe and lubricating oil flows inside the pipe.There are also structures that allow oil to flow outside the pipe and water to flow back inside.

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