Nachi PVD Series Pump for Excavator PVD-1B

NACHI Genuine Hydraulic Variable Pisoton Pump PVK-2B-505 for Mini Excavator main pump 

PVB-00B PVD-0B PVD-15B PVD-2B PVD-3B Nachi original Hydraulic pump

Nachi pumps has 3 kind , Nachi plunger pump, vane pump, gear pump. Nachi hydraulic pump has 3 kind Variable control model. Variable control is through the system pressure, flow, power and other parameters to control the tilt plate Angle of the pump, so as to change the displacement of the pump.There are three main control methods: constant pressure control, load sensitive control and constant power control. 

Nachi plunger pump features: 

1. High efficiency —— adopts patented technology to improve the efficiency with axial and radial pressurization, and the pressure can reach 300Mpa. 

2. Long service life —— good wear-resisting and extremely strong service life. 

3. Low noise – using modified open line, short tooth meshing design way to reduce the pulse, reduce the noise very quiet. Simple structure and easy maintenance.

Nachi Vane pump features: 

1. VDS series vane pump.VDS series vane pump has the advantages of high efficiency operation to reduce power loss, low noise, small shape, simple structure, simple operation, fast characteristics and sharp response. High effect, long life, firm structure and other characteristics.The models of VDS series are as follows: vds-0a-1a1-10 vds-0b-1a2-10 series. 

2. VDR series oil pumps have the following characteristics: stable and efficient operation at 14MPa pressure, high precision instantaneous response, high pressure area, low noise action, reduction of power loss, strong structure resistant to harsh environment. 

3. VDC series vane pump is high pressure vane pump, also can be efficient, stable high pressure operation, low vibration, low noise, quiet, rapid response and high precision action, precise characteristics, stable delivery, reduce power loss efficient operation, maintenance, operation are very simple. 

Nachi Gear pump features the same as Nachi plunger pumps. 

Excavator part PVK-2B-505-N-4191B hydraulic main pump PVK-2B-505 Hydraulic Pump for Hitachi ZX55 EX55 EX50 ZX60

The series of Nachi Hydraulic  pump assembly parameters

Model Capacity cm3/rev Max Pressure Mpa Max Rotate Speed r/min
Nachi PVD-00B 8*2 24.5 2800
Nachi PVD-0B 12*2 24.5 2800
Nachi PVD-1B 17*2 24.5 2700
Nachi PVD-2B 25*2 24.5 2600
Nachi PVD-3B 33*2 24.5 2400

PVB-00B PVD-0B PVD-15B PVD-2B PVD-3B Nachi original Hydraulic pump

Molde 00B 0B 1B 15B 2B 3B
Ton of Excacvtor  ~1.5 ~2.5 ~3.5 ~4.0 5.5 6.0
Capacity 8*2 12*2 17*2 19*2 25*2 33*2
Max Pressure 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5 24.5
Max speed 2800 2800 2700 2600 2600 2400
Horpower controller Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard

Nachi hydraulic pump EX55 EX50 hydraulic pump EX60 hydraulic main pump EX60LC PVK-2B-505

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