Mini Excavator KV20

Our hydraulic systems feature globally renowned brands, ensuring zero rust and valve issues, regardless of exposure to elements like wind, sun, or rain. Moreover, customization options are available to align with the specific demands of various nations and clientele. Whether you’re operating in mountainous terrains, hilly landscapes, terraced areas, rigid surfaces, or even paddy fields, our mini excavators perform effortlessly.

Engine:Kubota D1105 EPA4
Engine Power:18.2kw/25hp
Total Size(L*W*H):3550x1400x2203mm
Digging depth:2350mm

Jining Kunpeng specializes in top-quality mini excavators, engineered with breakthrough technology to excel in diverse industrial applications. We provide reliability you can trust.

Catering primarily to mining and construction sectors in Russia, Africa, and South America, our mini excavators offer unparalleled quality and competitive pricing, backed by excellent aftermarket service cushions. 





Engine KOOP192F/B&S Power 7.0kw/13.5hp
Wheel distance 923mm Maximum digging radius 3084mm
Hydraulic pump Double Pump Maximum digging depth 1735mm
Multi-way valve Load-sensitive Pump Valve Maximum digging height 2545mm
Working device form Backhoe Backhoe 1708mm
Bucket capacity 0.03m3 Platform ground clearance 385mm
Track ground length 1250mm Chassis width 1100mm
Delivery length 2400mm Machine weight 1000kg
Gyration radius 1635mm Track width 180mm
Machine height 2230mm Machine size 2400mm*1100mm*2230mm



Larger Torque, Stroger Power, Engery and Fuel Saving .


Accurately provide flow and improve operation efficiency 


Robot welding, controllable penetration, nice shape


Ensuring high determinism in hydraulic system.


One machine with multiple functions,suitable for various working conditions.



1) Upgrade throttle valve

2) Hidden type pipe

3)Cylinder upside

4) Electric control side swing

5) Double speed switch

6 )Three side can be opened

7) Pin shaft built-in grease fitting

8)Two side bulldozing blade can be removed

9)Cast steel side swing head

10)Adjustable track

11)Petal type control

12) Fully wrapped high and low speed motor, Eaton brand


Widly Applications

Unleash unparalleled versatility with Jining Kunpeng’s top-quality Mini Excavators. Ideal for construction, mining, and landscaping, our machines offer groundbreaking technology and robust performance, ensuring you stay ahead in any work environment

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Product Display

Discover a comprehensive range of top-quality spare parts designed exclusively for your Jining Kunpeng Mini Excavators. From high-performance pumps and robust engines to reliable main valves and cutting-edge control systems, we offer unparalleled aftermarket support to keep your machinery operating at its best.

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Custermer Visit

Our mini excavators receive rave reviews globally. In Russia, they’re lauded for exceptional quality, while in Africa and South America, their affordability and advanced technology make them a top choice.

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Shipping and Delivery

Efficiently transporting our top-quality mini excavators is our forte, ensuring timely deliveries across diverse terrains in Russia, Africa, and South America. Our advanced logistics optimize routes, navigating regulatory landscapes to meet your peak sales seasons.

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Prodcut Process

At Jining Kunpeng, our mini excavators are engineered for excellence and have gained notable recognition in diverse markets such as Russia, Africa, and South America. Our rigorous quality assessments and cutting-edge technology ensure we meet the varying requirements and standards of these regions

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FAQ Clients Often Asked

Why are Jining Kunpeng's Mini Excavators priced higher than competitors?

We prioritize providing top-quality mini excavators equipped with breakthrough technology. Our pricing reflects the added value of excellent durability, reduced maintenance costs, and superior aftermarket support, which ultimately leads to a lower total cost of ownership for our B2B customers.

What differentiates Jining Kunpeng's aftermarket services?

Jining Kunpeng offers comprehensive aftermarket service cushions, including easy-access to spare parts, 24/7 customer service, and prompt maintenance. We stand by our commitment to minimize downtime, ensuring that your investment continues to generate returns effectively.

What are the packaging options for bulk orders?

For bulk orders, we offer flexible packaging solutions that are robust and secure, minimizing any risk of in-transit damage. Our packaging ensures the safe arrival of your mini excavators, while also adhering to international shipping regulations.

How do you ensure product quality during shipment?

Our mini excavators undergo rigorous quality inspections before shipping. They are securely crated and cushioned within the packaging to withstand the rigors of international transportation. Each unit is accompanied by a quality certificate to provide complete peace of mind.

What payment methods are accepted, and how do they guarantee safety?

We offer multiple secure payment options such as T/T, L/C, and online escrow services. These methods ensure transactional integrity and safeguard against any financial risks, further solidifying Jining Kunpeng as a reliable partner for your mini excavator needs.

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