Lonking Wheel Loader Parts Wiper Motor ZD2332A

Lonking Wheel Loader Parts Wiper Motor  ZD2332A

Wiper Motor  ZD2332A is fitting on Lonking CDM856 Wheel Loader made in Fujian China . Fujian fittings company carried out standardization to the original factory fittings packing, the packing has adopted the dragon industry and commerce standard and the appearance design, through the marking, the box, the wooden box and so on packing form, demonstrated “the dragon work” special and pure part image. There are three major production bases of longgong loader, which are located in Shanghai, longyan, fujian, henan and jiangxi. Lonking loader is developed and produced by China longgong holdings co., LTD. Its products are divided into sliding loader, small loader, stone fork loader, 30 loader, 40 loader, 50 loader, 60 loader, 7 series and nearly 30 type loader. We can provide Genuine Lonking Loader Spare parts , Engine parts and undercarriage parts . 

Wiper Motor  ZD2332A specifications 

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: LONKING
Model Number: LG853
Condition:   new
MOQ: 1 pcs
Packing: Standard export package 

Lonking Loader Model 

60 series: LG860, LG862
50 series: LG855B (high-dump king), LG850D, LG853D (rock king), LG853DH, LG855D, ZL50C.
40 series: LG843.
30 series: LG833B (high-dump king), LG833G.
Stone fork loader: CDM855W.
Small loader
D series: LG825T, LG823D, LG818D, LG816D, LG812D, LG825D, LG810D
A series: LG8012 LG8016 LG8020A, LG8025A, LG8025B, LG8030B.
Slide loaders: LG307, LG308, LG312. 

Lonking  855B Wheel Loader Parts Wiper Motor  ZD2332A 24V 80W

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