Lonking Loader Spare Parts Gear 403104

Lonking Loader Spare Parts Gear 403104 

Gear 403104 is fitting on Lonking Wheel Loader . The gear is input first-stage gear 403104. Fujian accessories company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China longgong holdings LTD.The company takes “service first, brand building and new growth point” as the development concept of accessories operation.On the premise of improving service quality and meeting customer service requirements;Based on building longgong accessories brand and enhancing the value of longgong accessories, the aim is to improve the value of longgong products and create new profit growth point for longgong accessories industrial chain. Fujian accessories company is the only service window of longgong brand accessories, the full representative of market management, providing service support for longgong’s various production subsidiaries. In the next few years, the periodical operation goal of the accessory company is to stabilize and expand the sales channel of longgong accessories, greatly improve the profitability and establish the quantitative index of customer satisfaction. 

First-stage gear 403104 Specifications 

Place of Origin: Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Lonking Loader 
Part name: first-stage gear 403104
Part number: 403104 
Application: Wheel Loader
Quality: Original
Package: Genuine

DRIVE SHAFT GEAR 403104 4110000184100

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