KYB Walking Motor for Caterpillar Cat312 Excavator

KYB Walking Motor for Caterpillar Cat312 Excavator MAG-85VP-1800 final drive

MAG-85VP-1800 final drive walking motor is fitting on cat312 excavator made in Japan. The MAG series offers high-torque motors for medium-or high-speed traveling crawler vehicles. It consists of a case rotation planetary reduction gear and a swash plate piston motor, and is equipped with a two-speed change unit and a parking brake unit. The two-speed change mechanism supports the automatic speed change according to the load. The MSG series motors incorporating a shaft-rotation type simple planetary reduction gear and the swash plate motor are ideal solutions for the swing system of excavators and mini-excavators. The motor is equippedwith a parking brake in our standard version.

Hydraulic Equipment for Excavators and Mini-excavators

GM TM Series  kayaba kyb final drive travel motor type for excavator model as flowing :

KYB kayaba final drive : MAG-18-250, MAG-18VP-250F, MAG-18VP-250, MAG-18VP-250F-1, MAG-18V-290, MAG-18VP-190E-2, MAG-18VP-350F-4, MAG-26VP-260B, MAG-26V-320-3, 

MAG-170VP-3600, MAG-33VP-550E, MAG-33VP-650F-6 

TM Series final drive travel motor: TM18, TM30, TM40, TM60, TM70 

GM Series doosan OEM and Genuine Nabtesco final drive : GM04, GM05, GM06, GM09, GM10, GM21, GM35 

Original /Aftermarkert Komatsu excavator final drive travel motor: PC120-6, PC130-5, PC130-8, PC220-7, PC220-8, PC200, PC228, PC360-7, PC360-8, PC400-7 

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KYB Original walking Motor MAG-85VP-1800 Final Drive For CAT312 Excavator

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