Komatsu PC300-7 Excavator Pressure Sensor 206-06-61130

komastu Pressure Sensor 206-06-61130 original and Replacement available . 

Pressure Sensor 206-06-61130 is used for  Komatsu PC200-7 PC300-7 Excavator , Oil pressure sensor installed in the engine of the main oil path, when the engine running, pressure measurement device to detect the oil pressure, the pressure signal into electrical signals sent to the signal processing circuit, a voltage amplification and current amplifier, through the pressure signal of signal lines will be enlarged to connect to the oil pressure indicator, and change the oil pressure indicator inside by the current ratio of 2 coil, thus indicating the engine oil pressure.The pressure signal amplified by voltage and current is compared with the alarm voltage set in the alarm circuit. When the voltage is lower than the alarm voltage, the alarm circuit will output the alarm signal and light the alarm lamp through the alarm line.  

Pressure Sensor 206-06-61130 Specifications 

Place of Origin:  Janpan
Brand Name: Komatsu
Excavator Model Number: PC300-7  PC200-7
Type:Pressure Switch Sensor 
Engine Application: S6D107 SA6D114  Komatsu Engines
Part no:  206-06-61130

PC200 excavator pressure switch 206-06-61130

PC300-8 PC350-8 Excavator Hydraulic Pressure Switch 24V 206-06-61130

Pressure switch used in excavator parts loader accessories 206-06-61130

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