Komatsu Belt Tensioner For SAA6D114E-3 Engine 6743-61-4120

Komatsu Belt Tensioner For SAA6D114E-3  Engine 6743-61-4120

EXCAVATOR TENSIONR  FOR komatsu PC300-8 PC360-7 

6754-61-4111 6754-61-4112 6754-61-4113 6754-61-4114 6754-61-4115 6742-01-5219 6743-61-4210

Belt Tensioner  6754-61-4111 is fitting on Komtau PC300-8 PC360-7 Excavator . Tension wheel is a belt tensioning device used in engine system.The tensioning wheel is mainly composed of a fixed shell, a tensioning arm, a wheel body, a torsion spring, a rolling bearing and a spring bushing, etc. It can automatically adjust the tensioning force according to the different degree of tightness of the belt, so that the transmission system is stable, safe and reliable. In the actual use of the tensioning wheel, a certain amount of torque is required in order to maintain the proper tensioning force of the belt, avoid the belt slipping, compensate the belt elongation caused by wear and aging.When the belt tensioning wheel is running, the moving belt may arouse vibration in the tensioning wheel, which will cause premature wear of the belt and the tensioning wheel.To this end, the tension wheel to add resistance mechanism.However, since there are many parameters affecting the torque and resistance of the tightening wheel, and the influence of each parameter is different, the relationship between the components of the tightening wheel and the torque and resistance is very complicated.Torque change directly affects the change of resistance, and is the main factor of resistance, the main factor affecting torque is torsion spring parameters.Reducing the middle diameter of torsion spring can increase the resistance value of tension wheel. We can supplied OEM Komatsu engine part and original diesel engine which our clients need.

Belt Tensioner  6743-61-4120 Specifications 

Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)
Brand Name: komatsu 
Excavator Model Number: PC300-8 PC360-7 
Type: Belt Tensioner Pulley  
Engine Application: SAA6D114E-3
Part no: 6743-61-4120

Komatsu 6D125 Engine Spare Parts for PC400-7 Excavators 


6150-11-1341 GUIDE,INTAKE VALVE 48
6150-12-1351 GUIDE,EXHAUST VALVE 36
6150-41-5611 CROSSHEAD 24
01438-01020 BOLT 6
6150-11-1331 INSERT,INTAKE VALVE (STD) 24
6150-17-1813 GASKET,HEAD (K1) 12
6150-41-4210 VALVE,EXHAUST 36
6150-41-4111 VALVE,INTAKE 36
6150-11-4821 GASKET (K1) 3
01010-81030 BOLT 14
01640-21016 WASHER 22
01011-81065 BOLT 4
01640-21016 WASHER 6
01010-81055 BOLT 2
600-815-2170 SWITCH,HEATER 1
6151-11-7210 HOSE 4
600-815-7930 INDICATOR,DUST 2
01011-E1000 BOLT 18
6151-51-8721 GASKET (K1) 3
6221-51-8160 GASKET (K1) 5
01050-61045 BOLT 8
6114-11-5590 NUT 8
07005-01412 GASKET (K1) 30
6152-81-8310 TURBOCHARGER A.,(TA4532) 1
GA441398-5052 CENTER HOUSING A. 2
6150-11-5751 GASKET (K1) 2
600-421-6310 THERMOSTAT 6
6138-11-6810 GASKET (K1) 5
7861-92-3320 SENSOR 3
6151-21-2220 LINER,CYLINDER 25
6150-21-1490 BUSHING,CAMSHAFT 28
6150-31-6120 BUSHING 3
6150-31-6220 BUSHING 3
7861-92-4210 SENSOR,OIL LEVEL 1
6150-21-5812 GASKET 2
6151-21-4160 SEAL¤ REAR (K2) 4
6151-29-4160 SEAL¤ REAR,(SERVICE PARTS) 2
01050-31645 BOLT 6
01643-31645 WASHER 6
6150-21-8010 MAIN METAL ASS’Y 7
6150-29-8050 THRUST METAL ASS’Y 1
6151-31-2710 PISTON 12
6151-31-2410 PIN,PISTON 12
6150-31-2033 PISTON RING ASS’Y 25
6151-31-3040 METAL ASS’Y 6
6150-31-3310 BOLT 12
6150-41-5500 ARM ASS’Y 6
6150-41-5400 ARM ASS’Y 1
6150-41-1012 CAMSHAFT ASS’Y 1
6150-41-3111 ROD,PUSH 8
6151-61-2111 ELEMENT 1
6151-71-1440 INJECTION PUMP A. 1
DK016650-2230 BEARING 2
DK016650-2230 BEARING 1
DK029635-5010 O-RING 10
DK131041-0500 GASKET 4
DK134042-0100 GASKET 4
DK134151-2220 PLUNGER ASS’Y 12
DK134110-0120 VALVE,DELIVERY 12
DK029632-2070 O-RING 20
DK029632-9030 O-RING 20
DK029631-5020 O-RING 20
DK029631-5020 O-RING 20
DK154000-5720 HOUSING 1
DK154123-2320 SLEEVE 1
DK154390-0300 GASKET 4
DK154200-7120 LEVER 4
DK139611-0300 SEAL,OIL 8
DK154342-0420 LEVER 1
DK026508-1140 GASKET 10
DK154150-2700 SPRING 3
DK156605-6220 PLATE 2
DK156605-6020 PLATE 1
DK156630-6400 COUPLING 1
DK152200-5320 PUMP,PRIMING 5
DK152115-0500 VALVE 6
DK152116-0200 SPRING 6
DK029331-6030 GASKET 10
DK105217-1480 FEED PUMP ASS’Y 1
6151-71-5610 TUBE 2
6151-71-5710 TUBE 2
6151-71-5110 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.1 2
6151-71-5120 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.2 1
6151-71-5130 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.3 1
6151-71-5140 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.4 1
6151-71-5150 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.5 1
6151-71-5160 TUBE,INJECTION¤ NO.6 1
06000-06006 BEARING,BALL 4
07000-62125 O-RING (K2) 10
06030-06307 BEARING,BALL 4
600-311-9931 NUT 1
600-311-9921 CASE 1
07000-65065 O-RING (K1) 36
600-815-7650 MOTOR,ENGINE STOP 2
6151-61-1102 WATER PUMP ASS’Y 1
6141-64-7270 HOSE 4
06037-06307 BEARING,BALL 4
06037-06206 BEARING,BALL 4
600-821-9360 ALTERNATOR A. (50A) 1
SD1235-06410X0 HEAT SINK ASS’Y(-) 4
SD1510-02910X0 REGULATOR ASS’Y 4
600-813-8310 STARTING MOTOR ASS’Y,(11KW) 1

Komatsu Belt Tensioner For PC300-8 Excavator  Engine 6743-61-4120

Basic parameters of komatsu 6D114 engine

Power: 180 kw
Speed: 1900 RPM
Capacity: 8.3 L
Stroke: 135 mm
Cylinder size: 114 mm
Number of cylinders: 6
Oil injection: direct injection
Intake valve number: 6
Exhaust number: 6
Intake type: turbocharged
Applicable models: komatsu pc300-7 excavator, komatsu pc360-7 excavator

Crankshaft connecting rod journal: 75.962-76.013mm
Spindle neck: 97.962-98.031mm
Piston pin hole: 45.023-45.060mm
Inner diameter of connecting rod bearing: 76.046-76.140
Main bearing inner diameter: 98.079-98.128mm
Bearing bush clearance: 0.050-0.128mm
Inner diameter of valve catheter: 9.539-9.559mm
Valve seat ring hole: 15.931-15.971mm
Inlet valve seat ring hole: 53.930mm
Exhaust valve seat ring hole: 47.027mm
Piston ring opening clearance:
1, 0.35 0.60 mm
2, 0.35 0.65 mm
3, mm
Piston outside diameter: 113.814-113.886mm
Inner diameter of cylinder liner: 113.960-114.000mm
CAM shaft bore bore diameter: 64.01mm
Camshaft bearing inner diameter: 60.012mm
Camshaft outside diameter: 59.962-60.000mm
Crankshaft axial channeling momentum: 0.127-0.330mm
Surface flatness of cylinder block: 0.075mm
Cylinder liner protrusion: 0.025-0.122mm
Connecting rod screw: 40nm-80nm-120nm
Cylinder head screws: 70nm-145nm-90 degrees
Socket screw: 50nm-120nm-176nm-90 degrees
Valve clearance: 0.30mm, row: 0.61mm

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