Generator Spare Parts Voltage Regulator AVR-20A

Generator Spare Parts Voltage Regulator  AVR-20A

Voltage Regulator  AVR-20A is used for Generator and gen-set . We have AVR-20A AVR in our regular stock!AVR GAVR-20A is Universal 20 Amp 1/2 Wave Self Excited Dip- Switch  Programmable be Valtage alternator generator , which is suitable for brushless generator. AVR(voltage regulator) ensures the stability of motor output voltage by controlling the size of field current. The ac voltage output from the main winding of the generator armature, after voltage sampling and partial voltage filtering (U1), is sent to the comparison and PID circuit and compared with the signal U2 from the given part of the voltage.If U1 > U2, that is, the output voltage of armature main winding is higher than the given voltage value, the output signal U3 of the comparison and PID circuit becomes higher.Since the amplification part is a inverse-phase amplification, that is, the output U4 of the amplification part will become lower, thus reducing the excitation current through the amplifier tube and achieving the purpose of lowering the output voltage.Conversely, if the output voltage decreases and U1 < U2, the AVR circuit will eventually increase the excitation current, thereby increasing the output ac voltage.In this way, the AVR circuit adjusts the excitation current through the excitation winding to stabilize the output voltage according to the change of output ac voltage. 

Voltage Regulator  AVR-20A Specifications 

Place of Origin: Chongqing, China (Mainland)
Model Number: AVR-20A, GAVR-20A
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: Black
Usage: for Generators
Product Name: AVR AVR-20A
Type: AVR GAVR-20A
Function: AVR-20A AVR
Purpose: GAVR-20A AVR
Gross Weight: 0.6 KG
Packing Size: 17*12.5*8 cm

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