Generator Spare Parts Deep Sea Controller DSE501K

Generator Spare Parts Deep Sea Controller DSE501K

Deep Sea Controller DSE501K is fitting on Gen-set . Basic engine vivid startup control mode, through panel keys to control the start and stop of engine, at the same time has a low oil pressure, high water temperature, speed and auxiliary input off protection function and the corresponding LED indicator. Install on the front panel with proper opening and fixture.The connection of a wire is connected by a plug with a lock and a socket – shaped connector. The speed trip point and tachometer can be calibrated from the back panel of the module through the potentiometer above. 

Deep Sea Controller DSE501K Specification 

Specification dc power supply: 9 t to 33 V continuous
Voltage drop at startup:
The voltage can be maintained automatically when starting up, which can make the built-in battery unnecessary
Generator input range: 15-305 V AC true root mean square value
Generator input frequency: 50-60 Hz at rated engine speed.
Magnetic sensor input range: 0.5 V to +/ -80 V
Magnetic input Frequency :2300Hz to 6000 H at rated engine speed
Starting relay output: 16 Amp dc at system voltage.
Operation relay output: 16 Amp dc at system voltage.
Alarm output: 1 Amp dc at system voltage.
Size: 72 X 72 X 118.5 (excluding key switch)
Operating temperature range: – 30 to + 70 ° C

Deep Sea Electronics Generator Controller DSE501K

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