Generator Spare Part Speed Controller Unit ESD5500E

Generator Spare Part Speed Controller Unit ESD5500E

Speed Controller Unit ESD5500E is Used for Generator equipment . Established on the basis of ESD5111, new increased the start fuel quantity control and smooth slow start process control, the new characteristics of the engine can be solved in the process of starting by the phenomenon of the smoke caused by rapid refueling, greatly improve the working life of the engine.It is a very rich and perfect model, which is widely used in the new generator ,We have professinal engineer to service to you around 24 hours , to answer your questions for engines and gen-set spar parts .  Our supplier is service to Chongqing Cummins engine factory, so We hva competitive price and do not test the quanlity of speed controller unit ,Because become a CCEC supplier ,They must pass rigorous tests and examinations, CCEC have standard progress to Inspection and evaluation his vendor noscheduled . 

Speed Controller Unit ESD5500E  Technical Specifications :

The stability of rotating speed is better than that of plus or minus 0.25%

Speed range: 1KHz ~ 7.5khz

The maximum thermal stability is plus or minus 1%

IDLE regulates 160 + / – 20Hz ~ 95% of rated speed

DROOP adjusts the minimum position of 15Hz plus or minus 6Hz/ampere load current variation

Maximum position 400Hz + / – 75Hz/ampere load current change

External speed regulation + 200 hz (external Ω 1 k)

AUX input sensitivity 148Hz / 1V,

Impedance 1 m Ω

START FUEL adjust 160 + / – 20Hz ~ 70% of rated speed

RAMP time adjustment 1.5-20sec.

The maximum output current of 10V is 20mA


Working temperature range – 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Maximum working humidity 95%

Preservation temperature and 55 ℃ ~ 90 ℃

Vibration of 20-100 hz 500 mm/Sec.

Input power:

Power supply voltage 12V and 24V DC battery system

Ground polarity negative pole

Power consumption: 50mA

The continuous current of the actuator is at least 2.5a;10 a largest

Speed sensor signal 0.5 ~ 120 RMS

Other speed controller unit :




ESD5500E diesel engine Electronic governor of generator 

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