Excavator Main Valve Komatsu Distribution Valve 723-26-11370

Excavator Main Valve Komatsu Distribution Valve 723-26-11370 

Distribution Valve 723-26-11370 is fitting on Komatsu PC60-7 excavator spare parts . The valve is Hydraulic Distubtion Valve . The main valve is a central control part for distributing the high-pressure hydraulic oil to each working device. It can command the pressure oil of the main pump to flow to each working device according to the requirements of the driver’s handle. Pressure oil from the front and rear main pumps is collected to the main control valve.Here, are assigned to the corresponding cylinder or motor to pushThey work and finally flow back to the tank through the main control valve. We can supplied New Genuine Komatsu excavator valve ,and Reproducting Renew excavator main valve , distribution valve,welcome your requirement in your free time . 
Komatsu Distribution Valve 723-26-11370 Speicifications 

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: KOMATSU
Model Number: PC50 PC60-7 PC120 PC130 PC160 PC180 PC200-6/7/8 PC300-6/7/8 PC400-6/7/
part name: PC60-7 Control Valve
Model: PC60-7 Control Valve 723-26-11370
condition  genuine
warranty: 6 months
package: genuine package

Original Parts for Komatsu Excavator PC60-7 Control Valve 723-26-11370  PC200-7 PC200-8 PC300-7 PC400-7 Hydraulic Control Valve 

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