Electric Diesel Fuel Pump R1401-51350 for Bobcat Excavator

12V Electric Diesel Fuel Pump R1401-51350 for Bobcat Excavator 

Electric Diesel Fuel Pump R1401-51350 is fitting on Kubota V2203 engines, The voltage is 12V/24V,  This engine is used for SDLG excavator engineThe function of the oil delivery pump is to ensure the circulation of diesel oil in the low-pressure oil circuit, and supply sufficient quantity and certain pressure fuel to the injection pump, the oil transfer amount should be 3-4 times of the maximum oil injection amount of full load.Oil pumps are divided into gear type oil pump, diaphragm type oil pump, plunger type oil pump, pipeline type oil pump and so on, The eccentric on the camshaft of the injection pump pushes down on the piston through the roller and the push rod, thus opening the suction check valve and the booster valve while the piston spring is compressed.When the eccentric rolls over the roller, the spring’s spring forces the piston upward, at which point the check valves open and the other two close.Camshaft every turn, oil pump twice.If the oil pressure on the discharge pipeline increases more than the spring force, the piston will stay at the lower part of the oil pump, and continue to supply oil after the oil pressure decreases.

Electric Diesel Fuel Pump R1401-51350 Specifications 

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Kubota 
Model Number: R1401-54350 R1401-51352
Structure: Gear Pump
Usage: Oil
Application:  Bobcat 435 Excavator 
Pressure:High Pressure
Size:Standard Size
Part Name: Diesel Fuel Pump R1401-51352 R1401-51350 for M108 Bobcat 435
Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.2 x 3.7 inches
Weight:0.35 kg
Theory: Axial Flow Pump

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Kubota Electric Fuel Pump R1401-51350

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