Doosan Daewoo D150-7 Hydraulic Distribution Control Valve

xcavator Hydraulic Main  Valves Daewoo Doosan D150-7 control valve KMX15RB Series 

Hydraulic Main  valves is fitting on Daewoo Doosan D150-7  Excavators. These main valves is Made of Japan .  The control valve is new model KMX15RB Main valve. We can provide the excavator Hydraulic parts: hydraulic cylinder assys, gear pump assys, hydraulic pumps, travel motors, final drives, swing motor assys, main valves, service valves, gasket kits. Excavator Engine parts: cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, connecting rods, water pumps, turbo chargers, engine assys, fan blades, main & connecting rod bearings, pistons, piston rings, liner kits. 

DAEWOO Excavator Model : DH55-5,DH60-7,DX60,DX60W,DH80GOLD,DX150LC-7,DH220-2/3/5,DH200,DH225-7,DH280-3,DH320,DH320-2/3,DH130-7,DH130-2,DH258,DH80-7,DH25,DH60,DH35,DH420

KVS and KVM Series For excavators and mini- excavators 

Model  Rated flow rate L/min Max working pressure  Type and feature  Typical applications
KVSE-36 40 24.5 Sectional Mini excavator
KVSE-72 70 27 Sectional Mini excavator
KVSX-12 40 24.5 Sectional , for load sensing Mini excavator
KVSX-14 80 27.5 Sectional, for load sensing  Mini excavator
KVSX-18 160 32 Sectional, for load sensing  Mini excavator
KVMM-80 80 30.6 Mono-block  Excavator
KVMM-160 160 34.3 Mono-block Excavator
KVMM-270 270 34.3 Mono-block Excavator
KVMM-400 400 31.4 Mono-block Excavator

Product specifications and models provided by the company:
K3V Hydraulic pump K3V63DT/ K3V63DTP, K3V112DT/ K3V112DTP, K3V140DT/ K3V140DTP
K3V180DT/ K3V180DTH, K3V280DT/ K3V280DTH
K5V Hydraulic pump K5V63/ K5V70DTP, K5V112DTP, K5V140DTP
MX Hydraulic motor MX50, MX80, MX150, MX173, MX200, MX250, MX300, MX450,
MX500, MX530, MX750
MB Hydraulic motor MB500, MB550, MB750
M2X Hydraulic motor M2X55, M2X63, M2X96, M2X96, M2X120, M2X128, M2X146,
M2X Hydraulic Swing Motor M2X150, M2X170, M2X210
M5X Hydraulic motor M5X130, M5X160, M5X180 
DNB Hydraulic travel motor DNB50B, DNB50V, DNB60B
HPV Hydraulic pump Machine model 
HPV125B Hydraulic Pump UH07-7, UH083, UH143, UH123 
HPV125A Hydraulic pump UH261, UH09-7, UH10LC-1/2, DH10 
HPVO55 Hydraulic Pump EX100-3/5, EX120-3/5 
HPVO102 Hydraulic Pump EX200-5, EX220-5
HPVO102 Hydraulic Pump ZAXIS200, ZAXSI220, ZAXSI250
HPVO91DW Hydraulic Pump EX200-2, EX220-2
HPVO91EW Hydraulic Pump EX200-3, EX220-3 
HPVO91DS  Hydraulic Pump EX100-2, EX100M-2, EX120-3 
HPV116C/HPV116D/ HPV116F EX190,EX200,EX220
HPV145C Hydraulic Pump EX265-1/2/3/5, EX300-1/2/3/5 
HPV145D Hydraulic Pump EX350-5, EX330-5, EX370-5
HPV145F Hydraulic Pump 

DAEWOO DOOSAN DH220-5 main control valve DH220-7 hydraulic control valve

Our Large  Warehouse 

In order to better serve customers, We have sufficient inventory, Bulldozer spare parts , Track link, Ider, Track Roller, Carrier Roller, Hydraulic Pump, Hydraulic Valve, Cylinder for Bulldozer , Cummins diesel engine and weichai diesel engine. So we can provide quickly delivery and made our clients to pleased with our service .

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