Deep Sea DSE 6020 Generator Controller DSE6020

Deep Sea DSE 6020 Generator Controller DSE6020 

Generator Controller DSE6020 is used for gen-set . DSE6020 is a power failure self-start control module used to control a single generator set.An engine used to control electric or non-electric injection and gas, providing advanced engine detection and protection functions. The module includes an LCD backlight display, which can clearly show the running status of the engine.The module can detect speed, frequency, voltage, current, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel oil level.Show the cause of generator stop and alarm.  Modules include 7 inputs and 6 outputs.Speed sensor version has 4 custom output, CAN version has 6 custom output.The program can be set through the panel and PC software suite. With AMF and ATS functions
Display all parameters of engine, generator, utility and unit power. 
Deep Sea Controller DSE6020 Specifications 

DC Power:  8 ~ 35V 

AC sampling input:   single phase AC10 ~ 400V, 50/60Hz 
ATS to switch outputs  : 5A250VAC passive relay contacts 
generator power output  : 5A250VAC passive relay contacts 
2 x closing state input port  : connected B- 
Power Consumption:  Standby (12V: 0.2W, 24V: 0.3W), normal operation (12V: 0.9W, 24V: 1.0W) 
Working Environment : Temperature: -30 ~ +70 °C Humidity: 20 ~ 95% 
Dimension  : 72 × 72 × 38mm hole size: 67 × 67mm 
Weight:   0.15Kg  

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Diesel generator control unit DSE6020 for deepsea controller panel 

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