Cummins Engine QSL9 Electronic Control Module 4921776

Original Cummins Engine ECM 4921776 With Programme

Electronic Control Module  is fitting on Cummins QSL9 Diesel Engine .  The  Cummins engine model is QSL ISL  Series.  ECM is the automobile engine control module, which is the core component of engine control. According to the input information of each sensor, ECM controls the fuel injection and ignition time of the engine, and provides the best control instructions for other output devices. This Engine electronic control module is usd for Shantui SD52 Larger power bulldozer. 

Electronic Control Module 4921776 Specifications 

Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Cummins, Bosch 
Engine Type: Diesel
Type: Electronic Control Module 
Title: Cummins Engine QSL9 Electronic Control Module  ECM  4921776
Part Name: Cummins ECM 
Part Number: 4921776
Part Number Replacement: BOSCH Parts number 
Application: Cummins diesel engines
Engine Model: QSK19, K50, QSK50
Quality: Original Genuine
Warranty: 6 months

QSL9 Cummins Engine Parts List 

Engine Brand  Cummins PN Description
CUMMINS 3966430 Camshaft
Cummins 5284141 Camshaft Gear
Cummins 5263308 Injector
Cummins 3950549 Piston Pin
Cummins 3950661/3966244 Connecting Rod Bearing
Cummins 4089963 Piston
Cummins 3966721 Skirt Piston
Cummins 3974404 Top Piston
Cummins 4089644 Piston Ring 
Cummins 4941323 Rod Connecting 
Cummins 3970751 Bushing 
Cummins 2839422 Turbocharger
cummins 4068308 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel)
cummins 3918176 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel)
cummins 3023079 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel)
cummins 3804935/3023078 Oil Cooler assembly(Steel)

Engine ECM full name is: Engine Control Module, namely “Engine Control Module”;In general, the industry is usually called “ECU” : Electronic Control Unit, the Electronic Control Unit, daily life also colloquially called “computer” of driving, the engine “computer board”, “on-board computer” and so on, it’s in the engine before delivery, all stored in advance through a series of basis of the calculation and experiment data and Control strategy, we call it a “MAP”.

Cummins diesel engine  QSL9 Electronic Control Module 4921776

Cummins Engine ECM List 

Engine Description Part # Part # Part # Part # Part #
ISB6.7 ECM 4025103 4898112 4899685 4921776 0281020254
ISB6.7 ECM 4932639 3954430 5317107 5317170 5290171
QSB6.7 ECM 5317106 4898111 4921797    
QSL ECM 4943135 4932640 4993120 4993121 4982754
QSL ECM 4982753        
ISF3.8 ECM 5293526 5293527 5271190 5271191 5291534
ISF3.8 ECM 5291535        
ISB5.9 ECM 5348867 5348863 5316786 5316787  
ISC ECM 4943133 4988820 4940518 4940519 4988821
QSC ECM 4354532 4354531 3991502 3944125  
QSL ECM 4988820NX 4943133NX 4940518NX 4995445 4995444
ISM ECM 3408501 4309175 3408504 3681405 3408426
ISM ECM 3408440 4963808 4963807 3990517 3945868
QSM ECM 3944124 3970138      
ISF2.8 ECM 5258889 5258888 5293525 5254591 5293524
ISF2.8 ECM 5348868 5316791 5348864 5316790  
K38 ECM 3654718 3654718NX 3619027    
QSN ECM 3408303RX        
QSK19 ECM 4054322 4921411 4062099 3087122 3867401
QSK19 ECM 3330511 3867743 4016272 2871202

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