Cummins Engine Fuel Injector 4914505 In Stock

Cummins Engine  Fuel Injector 4914505 In Stock

Fuel Injector 4914505 is fitting on Shantui SD23 Crawler bulldozer. We can provide Genuine PT Fuel injector and Reproducting Fuel Injectors . We have large stock in our Warhouse so we can send the PT Fuel injector and PT fuel pump to our clents all over the world . 

Fuel Injector 4914505 Working Process 

1 . Bypass phase: The injector is in the state of stop oil supply, the plunger is pressed in the lowest position, and the thin part of the middle of the plunger passes through the oil inlet in the injector.At this time, the fuel cools the injector and removes the gas in the oil channel. The injector plunger is always in this state during the work and exhaust stroke of the engine. 

2. Metering stage: When the CAM continues to rotate to the intake stroke not long after, because of the change of the CAM profile curve, the plunger rises under the action of the spring, cut off the inlet and outlet first, the fuel bypass ends, the measure hole begins to measure, and the fuel flows to the oil cup of the injector, at this time due to low oil pressure, the diameter of the jet hole is small (about 0.17mm) without oil leakage.When the plunger rises to the highest position, the CAM profile remains flat and the plunger is at the highest position until the end of the intake.In compression stroke, under the action of CAM curve, plunger slowly down until close to the metering hole, metering end. 

3. Preparation stage: After the measurement, plunger downward to a certain position, the lower the oil cup and oil way creates a certain pressure, make the check valve to the ball seat, shut down the feed way, plunger to continue downward to separate oil and oil cup, due to the high engine speed, short measurement time, the oil cup will not be filled with fuel, so this stage is compressed and partly eliminate the gas in the oil cup, in preparation for injection. 

4. Injection stage : In engine, at the end of the compression stroke is close to the CAM shape curve and there was a sudden change, the plunger down quickly, and the fuel oil in the oil cup at 1056 kg/CM squared pressure, spray into the cylinder, at the same time of injection, plunger thin parts of central and oil return to the unicom, fuel began to bypass, plunger finally rested on oil cup, end of injection. 

PT Fuel Injector Adjust and Check 

The check ball valve is installed in the PT (D) injector to prevent the rise of the backpressure from affecting the amount of oil in other injectors, Defective check balls and ball bearings will cause the engine to react poorly.The engine stops normally, and it takes about 1-2 seconds from idle to stop.If the seal is not properly sealed, it can be extended to more than 5 seconds. 

PT Fuel Injector Models 

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