Installation and Precautions for Excavator Hydraulic Pump

Excavator Hydraulic Pump Installation Instructions:

      1.Clean the hydraulic oil tank, inlet oil pipe, return oil pipe, signal pipe

      2. Replace the new hydraulic oil, filter element

     3. After the installation of the hydraulic pump to do air exhaust treatment (after installation from the top of each oil port to fill up the new 

         hydraulic oil, to ensure the complete elimination of air)

     4. After checking the installation, idling for about 15 minutes is used to ensure the full lubrication of the hydraulic oil in the pump,

         and  monitor whether the pump has abnormal sound.

     5. After everything is normal, you can start to work. During the use, you can timely replace the filter element

         and hydraulic oil according to the site situation

Note for excavator hydraulic pump 

  1. In the early stage, the hydraulic oil tank and pipeline are not cleaned, and the hydraulic oil and filter element are not replaced, which will cause the abnormal wear life of the new hydraulic pump to be reduced because of the foreign impurities caused by the wear of the old pump, which will seriously cause the component breaking and pollution of the whole hydraulic system of the excavator.

      2. The installation of the hydraulic pump after the air is not discharged will cause bubbles in the hydraulic oil corrosion hydraulic                 components, resulting in poor contact of pump accessories resulting in abnormal pump sound, high pressure pipe jitter phenomenon,   serious will cause components broken pollution of the whole excavator hydraulic system.

      3. The late maintenance of the excavator replacement filter element, hydraulic oil is not timely, will greatly reduce the service life of the hydraulic pump.

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