Engine Start Motor For Construction Machinery

Engine Start Motor For Construction : Bulldozer, Excavator, Loader, Grader Etc 

A starter motor is an electric motor mounted on an engine to start a diesel or gasoline engine. Start the motor, reduce the trouble of manual start the engine, start quickly, reusable, widely used. It is often used to start the automobile engine, the generator, the large construction machinery and so on.

1. The starting motor converts the electric energy of the battery into mechanical energy and drives the flywheel on the engine to rotate to start the engine. Starting motor structure: DC motor, transmission mechanism, electromagnetic switch consists of three parts. 

2.Transmission mechanism: When the engine starts, the gear driven by the starting motor engages into the flywheel tooth ring and transmits the torque from the starting motor to the engine crankshaft. After the engine starts, the starter will automatically detach the gear ring.

3.Start the motor control device, control the circuit on and off. Pay attention to the motor relay moisture-proof, start the engine do not repeatedly spark, which will cause the motor temperature rise. 

4. Start Motor Parts Number as following : 4.C6008631410、3636817、3651890、3636820、3636821、3021038、3021036、3102767、3103916、2871256、3957592、5284083、5284084、5367755、5367768、8200699、10479339、10526458、10511409、4081239、10478998. 

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