Engine Lub Oil Pump

How does the oil pump meet the needs of the engine ?

What is the function of the oil pump ?

  1. Lubrication: First of all, the oil is left in the engine oil pan in the static state. When the engine is running, the oil will be lubricating the internal parts of the engine through the lubrication system of the engine (oil filter, oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler, oil pipeline, etc.), in order to reduce the wear between parts.
  2. Cleaning effect: why every time the car is maintained when the oil will be black, it is because the engine when the parts will produce the corresponding wear, the oil has fluidity, with impurities to ensure the cleanliness of the engine.
  3. Cooling effect: oil in the engine water cooling at the same time to assist the function of heat dissipation.
  4. Anti-rust effect: this is a good explanation, the parts are most afraid of rust, the oil is covered on the surface of the parts to form an oil film, so that it can better protect the reliability of the use of parts.

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